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Cheap Cross Step: a Kickbike concentrate with CROSS FiX all-terrain

Kickbike offers a low-cost all-terrain Cross scooter that is both affordable and strong: the CROSS FiX.

The heart of this cross-country scooter is the Kickbike aluminum frame.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Kickbike scooters, also known as scooters, were born in Finland in 1994 with a first “model” made of rudimentary steel tubing… from the beginning, performance was one of the leitmotifs of Hannu, the brand’s creator. A new model was born today: the CROSS FiX, an all-terrain cross country model. The frame is what has made the brand famous, the single-tube aluminum frame – withstanding all the tests: downhill, user sizes up to 120kg, pulling with a dog to make the dog AND the boss work, during simple ride along a canal. This unique frame gives you a sense of balance and speed like no other.

Simple and efficient equipment for off-road and cross-country.

The historic cross-country/cross-step range was systematically equipped with a shock-absorbing front fork, useful to cope with obstacles and rough terrain, but not always essential. That’s why the CROSS FiX has a solid aluminum fork that stands up to all the riding and makes the machine cheaper and easier to maintain. The cable-operated disc brakes are Shimano for those in the know.

CROSS FiX the all-terrain scooter for all nature lovers.

Now you are wondering if this model is for you? You want to ride through the countryside with a cross scooter that is both “designed for this purpose” (which is not always the case). You live in the mountains and the call of the ski lift-accessible mountain pass attracts you. You want to train your dog. You’ve seen some models with slightly smaller and cheaper wheels that “might do it,” but you’re still not sure. Then CROSS FiX is for you! Yes, because the 26″ front wheel gives you real stability when both speed and terrain become more unstable (much better than 20″ wheels). You can also count on higher speed thanks to this 26″ wheel that gives greater inertia. In addition, mountain bike tires provide the necessary grip for off-road and on-road use.

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