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Choose a scooter with disc brakes, cable or hydraulic operation, matter of power and braking time.

Then choose a scooter with disc brakes.

If you are interested in scooters equipped with disc brakes, it is because you want to control your speed under all conditions. On a scooter you can often reach speeds of over 20 mph on the flat, downhill and in hilly terrain you can reach over 45 or 50 mph. In such circumstances, it becomes interesting to be able to brake quickly to pass an obstacle or avoid a hole in the road. Another context in which you will think of a disc brake is when you have your scooter pulled by your dog with a leash and dog adapter (Dog Steps). In these conditions, the dog can also be very powerful (up to 50 km/h) and in some circumstances you may need to brake within seconds; in that case, disc brakes are highly recommended.

Cross scooters with disc brakes.

Our models of scooters with disc brakes are mainly found in the off-road scooters and cross scooters section. The most accessible model with disc brakes is the Yedoo New Mezeq disk equipped with a front disc brake and a rear disc brake. It is a model with a 20-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel. This is a very popular model for beginners in off-road Cross stepping. Once you get the hang of it, it inevitably becomes Kickbike, which offers a wide range of off-road scooters with disc brakes. The first model is the Kickbike CrossFix with a 26-inch front wheel, 20-inch rear wheel and cable-operated disc brake. Then the best seller is the Kickbike Cross Fix, the favorite model for mushing athletes with their sled dogs, hydraulically operated, so with more power and a longer braking time you get less fatigue when braking than with cable-operated brakes. Finally, do not miss the model really suitable for the mountains in summer and in winter on snow: the Kickbike Fat Max with its large 4-inch tires, about 10 cm wide, low pressure and hydraulic disc brakes.

Cable or hydraulic disc brake?

The cable brake is easier to maintain and you can easily do it yourself. When the cables are under tension, the pads press against the disk. Hydraulic brakes require a little more knowledge for maintenance; we recommend having this done by a cycling professional. This is the system for endurance rides and trips where you get more power with less effort on the brake levers. Braking is more progressive and you can better control your speed in all conditions.

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