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Choosing a scooter for adults or children : How to choose YOUR scooter?


How will I use my scooter? What shall I use it for?
These are the first questions you need to ask yourself, because starting otherwise may lead you to the wrong choice. Here you will find a wide selection of products in which you are sure to find THE scooter you need. A scooter that will serve you or that your child will enjoy.
Do you have to walk the last few hundred meters from the bus to work?
Would you like to regularly engage in non-traumatic exercise?
Do you like trails and off-roading?
Does your child need to work on balance and movement?
Do you want a fast, powerful machine?
Need something super compact and light?


That’s the question! Why choose a folding scooter and why choose a non-folding one?

Most folding scooters are chosen for reasons of storage space so that the scooter can be easily carried on the bus, train, streetcar or subway.
So you can find folding scooter of different sizes, models that are less than 1 meter long (which is the folding scooter we all know more or less). Then we also offer larger folding scooter with inflatable tires for those looking for more comfort or longer distances.
Not foldable? Most non-foldable scooter are intended for sporting use, for fitness, walking or urban use, so often with large inflatable wheels like a bicycle; for distances of more than 5 km, for example. All-terrain scooters are also non-foldable for reasons of rigidity, which is essential for this use.


What can we say about distance on a scooter, except that you can travel from a few tens of meters to several thousand kilometers. Here’s how.

In general, scooters are best used for distances of a few hundred meters to a few kilometers, that is, for short trips. This is especially the case in the city center. In this case, it is easy to use a scooter with small wheels (often polyurethane wheels of 100 to 230 mm), as these wheels are well suited to rolling on the rather smooth surfaces of city pavements. Note that these usually lightweight scooters (3 to 5 kg) can also accompany you over much longer distances – it’s just a matter of your need/want for comfort and the need for a stable and/or fast model.

If you are targeting distances of more than 3 to 5 km, it is interesting to look at so-called “big wheel” scooters, which are often so called because they are borrowed from bicycle wheels (with rims, inner tubes and inflatable tires). In this category you will find wheels from 12 inches (30cm) to 29 inches (70cm). Again, the bigger the wheel, the faster it will be (the less you have to re-spin) and the more stable it will be (on uneven terrain, downhill). You can be satisfied with two 12-inch wheels to ride 10 km even if you are 180 cm tall to favor comfort and small size, as well as a model with 26-inch wheels in front if you are looking for more speed, less fatigue or sportier use!
In short, your scooter may surprise you at the distances possible, then other criteria will determine the final choice.


What ground are you going to ride on? If you answer “on snow” or “in mud” there is no other solution than to choose the Kickbike Fatmax model with its 10cm wide wheels.

If you ride on comfortable sidewalks with a clean and smooth asphalt or concrete surface, you can use any type of wheel (but avoid highly notched mountain bike tires, which have the disadvantage of losing speed). PU Polyurethane wheel or inflatable tires.
If you have to walk on sometimes damaged floors (bad asphalt) gravel, jointing stones then the polyurethane wheels will certainly be too hard to provide the expected comfort, in this case inflatable tires ! You can find inflatable tires of 200 mm at Micro for example and then also bicycle wheels of 12, 16, 20 inches and more, with these wheels you do not have to worry about paying “everywhere”.
For little ones, we also offer puncture-resistant tires. These are made of high-comfort foam and have the advantage of not puncturing (they have no inner tube).

Children’s sizes … evolve or not? 2 or 3 wheels

How do you choose your child’s scooter: 3 wheels, inflatable or folding wheel?
Your child is between 2 and 5 years old and has yet to improve or learn to balance on one foot, so a three-wheel scooter has the advantage of being self-contained so the child can focus on their own balance.

Your child is between 4 and 9 years old and learning takes longer don’t panic, there are still 3-wheel models that can carry up to 50kg, so let them get used to this type of reassuring scooter and then you can switch to a 2-wheel model.

Your child is between 6 and 12 years old and has mastered balance so the choice is great … 2 small wheels and foldable for storage and less space or larger wheels for “all-terrain” and also ride on trails with inflatable tires. With these models, distances are limited only by your child’s desire or fatigue, because with a scooter you can go for miles!

Beyond that 12 – 14 years, depending on the size of the teens/pre-teens You can then easily choose adult models that often offer more resistance with larger wheels (more than 140 mm for PU wheels) or from 16 / 20 inches for inflatable wheels.

Your weight and height

Which scooter for your weight or height?

In general, scooters for children up to 10 years old can load up to 50 kg, and the structure and parts are thinner and thus less heavy than adult models. This results in a scooter that weighs less than 3 kg. For example, most adult scooters can usually support up to 100 kg, and some models up to 120, 150 kg. We even have a model, the XOOTR brand, that has been manufacturer tested at 360 kg!
As for size, the choice is less clear because if we look at the customs in the Czech Republic, for example, you often find 2m tall men on scooters with handlebars barely 80cm high!…. rather amazing, but they are still formidable riders!
So make sure that most children’s models have adjustable handlebars that allow you to find the right position. The higher the handlebars, the more comfort you feel and the lower the handlebars, the more dynamic you can be, depending on the mood of the day!
For adults, all models are suitable as long as the user is not taller than 190 cm and does not have any special restrictions (the back must be kept very straight, etc.). Then there is the question of the large or very large … 190cm 200cm, or more. For folding models, be sure to look for handlebars that are 100 cm or more. For models with large wheels, we have handlebar risers that can be useful for finding the right position.
However, you should know that when you skate, the leg on the plate naturally bends … you spontaneously lower yourself 7-10 cm (as in rollerblading or skiing), so the need for a booster is rather limited and the handlebar heights can generally accommodate your height.
You are better off looking at the wheel size for your height than the handlebar height. The taller you are, the higher your center of gravity. So for someone 185 cm tall, with 100 mm wheels he is more likely to be destabilized by gravel, a curb or some other obstacle. So we prefer wheels of 145 mm or more…. the bigger the wheel, the more you gain in crossing ability. This rule applies to PU wheels or large inflatable wheels.

The little extras or specific applications

Or rather, the great benefits you can’t live without!
For example, a city scooter with a 1-second folding system: is much more desirable!
A safer scooter with a handlebar brake: for me, I am the boss in all circumstances!
A compact and lightweight model in its class: I want the mini and the best!
They don’t call me the big one for nothing: I want a specific model!
I’m a dog trainer: I want an all-terrain dog scooter!

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