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How do I choose the folding scooter for my child?

What is the right choice of scooter for your child’s age?

This is a common question that we are happy to answer, because depending on your child’s age, his/her balance or the distance to be covered, the solutions may be different. Also keep in mind that a child grows quickly and choosing a scooter can take that into account. Now you can find the best solution by comparing the features of our model selection.

Choosing a scooter becomes all the lighter when your child is, say, 2 or 3 years old. Indeed, at this age, it is unthinkable to choose a heavy model with a steel frame. Prefer synthetic materials (plastic) or aluminum, which tend to be less heavy. The 3-wheel models (e.g. Scoot & Ride Highwaykick) are best for little ones who need to learn to balance with one foot on the deck and the other foot skating.

Choose a folding scooter for transportation and storage

The main reason to choose a folding scooter is that it takes up little space. The scooter is one of the most popular toys for children. In the old days, scooters were usually built around a tubular frame and with wheels of 250 mm, the total size was about 1 meter … practical as long as you live in a house, already quite bulky in a city flat! Then came the mid-1990s and the arrival and creation of the first folding scooter by Micro from Switzerland and then JD Bug and again later brands like XOOTR or SwiftyONE. 2 skate wheels, an aluminum plate and a handlebar fold and you’re done! This opens new opportunities to miniaturize this type of folding scooter and create or expand lightweight models. With lighter, more practical products that can be used daily in all conditions, a new way of locomotion is emerging. If you choose the foldable option, you can easily transport it, store it in a room or in a closet, and take it with you on transportation, the bus or the subway.

The folding scooter: to move, play, have fun, share, laugh, guide!

In this small guide, we want to draw your attention to the possibilities offered, whether for leisure exercise, to blow off steam on the street, to master movement. It is not because the scooter is foldable that you lose comfort; on the contrary, with its polyurethane wheels, it is the security to roll fast and hang out on the sidewalks! Because they are compact, maneuverability will be an issue, as they change direction in the blink of an eye. Some start slowly and eventually stepping becomes a sport to improve their psychomotor skills. We prefer the JDBUG Junior model, which you can read more about here

A little technique for scooter parts

Height adjustable handlebars, retractable handles for less space. These adjustments allow the scooter to grow with the telescopic handlebars and proper adjustment and, above all, remain stable in all conditions. Don’t forget the essential head, elbow and knee pads; a helmet is also highly recommended. Stepping is a sliding sport and it is best to get ahead of any risk! The folding systems are very reliable, with levers to turn or quick releases to operate…. a real child’s play, whether you are 2, 5, 6 or 12 years old. The deck gets a non-slip grip that can be used even in wet weather, and the rear brake doubles as a fender! At age 2 prefer models with 3 wheels for more stability where the handlebars can be removed in one click. As your child gains speed and balance, you can then upgrade to a junior model with 2 wheels for models under 3kg.

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