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How many calories do you burn with scooter riding

It is important to always keep moving. This brings several positive benefits. In fact, it results in better fitness. Moreover, you will look better, but exercise also seems to be very good on the mental level. For example, scientific studies have shown that regular exercise reduces stress. Moreover, you release endorphins during exercise: this is a substance your body can produce automatically. Of course, it is nice to play a sport you have an affinity for. Otherwise, chances are you will quit again after a while. For example, scooter riding can be a lot of fun. But how many calories can you burn with scooter riding? In this article, we take a closer look at that, because what factors are involved?

The length of time

It is difficult to determine exactly how many calories you will burn with scooter riding, as several factors come into play. One of those factors is the length of time. For example, if you only go scooter riding for 15 minutes, you logically burn far fewer calories than someone who goes scooter riding for an hour every day. So try to keep track of the length of time, so you can then easily determine exactly how many calories you will burn. However, we can already give an indication. Imagine you are 70 kilograms and you go scooter riding for half an hour. Then you burn about 250 calories. This is comparable to two slices of bread!

Your weight

Besides the length of time, your weight also plays an important role. As a general rule, the heavier you are, the more calories you will burn while scooter riding. You may be thinking: that won’t make a whole lot of difference. However, this is a fallacy, because let’s take a good example of this. Imagine that you are 90 kilograms and are scooter riding for an hour. Then you will burn about 624 calories. However, are you much lighter? Let’s say 60 kilograms. In that case, you are going to burn an average of 416 calories. So this does indicate that there can be quite a difference between them. Of course, this is only an indication and the exact number of calories is difficult to determine. In fact, another factor plays an important role: intensity.


The degree of intensity also plays an important role. For example, do you go scooter riding quietly for half an hour? In that case, you may burn fewer calories than if you do 20 minutes of high-intensity scooter riding. This is also one of the things that is difficult to calculate. There are certain calculators on the Internet, though. There you can specify the degree of intensity. Usually you can then choose from quiet, medium or intense. An estimate can then be made on that basis, but of course this is partly subjective. For example, what may be average for you is intense for someone else.

Which scooter should I choose to burn a lot of calories?

The benefits of scooter riding

Now that you know how to calculate your calorie burn and the factors involved, it might be nice to end this article with a few more positives of scooter riding.

You use your whole body

The advantage of scooter riding is that it allows you to use your entire body. This is not the case in all sports. It is nice to engage in a sport that uses the entire body because it results in faster calorie burning. For example, you burn 30% more calories than cycling.

Enjoying the environment

In addition, scooter riding also allows you to enjoy the surroundings. There are several fun scooter routes on the Internet. So make it a sport to try out as many fun routes as possible. That way, you keep scooting fun for yourself, too.

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