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Instructions for scootering

Scootering as a sport

Scootering is perhaps one of the most unknown sports, many people do not know that it is practiced professionally and involves more than expected. It’s also incredibly good for you! read below for some tips on how best to scooter. Should you want to get started yourself after that, take a look at our webshop for a varied selection.


Scootering seems quite simple, but as with any sport, there are techniques to practice it in the best way. To begin with, it is wise to change legs regularly, as the leg that is on the plank sours the fastest and it is a waste of that energy. You do this by sliding the foot that is on the board slightly outward and then adding your other foot, this allows you to push off with the foot that was just on the board now. You do this changing between 3 to 12 passes depending on your activity. In a leisurely recreational ride, the change is made after about 8 to 10 paces but in races sometimes after 3 paces.

How do I turn off?

Drop off in a quiet way without cramping too much. Let your leg swing slightly forward and then push off briefly but forcefully, do this in a constant rhythm and you have the ideal push off! Also, be especially careful about swinging the leg backward. This can feel nice but takes a lot of energy and strength.

The steering wheel

Hold the steering wheel with two hands at all times. Try to do this firmly enough, but be careful not to grip the handlebars too tightly. The height of the handlebars is important for your posture and speed; high handlebars seem nice but actually cost a lot of energy. If your handlebars are a little lower you catch less wind and it’s easier to keep your back round and your belly hollow, just like cyclists do.

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