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Micro Cruiser scooter for children aged 5 to 12 years, large wheels and handlebars

Micro Cruiser scooter helps children get a good start.

The Micro Cruiser scooter unveils a new set of components to help kids ages 7 to 12 get started. Usually scooters for children around 10 years old are equipped with small 100 mm wheels. In the case of the Cruiser, Micro opted for 200 mm wheels for greater stability (on rough terrain, larger wheels absorb ground irregularities better). Another feature that makes a difference is the cruiser handlebars, the handlebars are turned slightly toward the child and you can also adjust the orientation of the handlebars … slightly more forward or backward with the adjustable handlebar stem. And that’s not all Micro also made sure to lower the height of the deck to just 6 cm to make skating less tiring and make it easier to keep your balance.

Micro Cruiser, for children ages 5 to 12.

The question of which model of scooter is suitable for which age group is one we are often asked at trotineo. In the almost 10 years that we have been advising our customers, we have seen that children as young as 7-8 years old can have a lot of fun even with very large models (we have experienced this, for example, with the Kickbike FATMAX). How now? Think use, think floor type, think footprint, think speed or size, think short-term model or long-lasting model. There are some models that are not suitable for small children because they are too heavy or too big, but in general children can use almost all scooters. Let’s go back to the Micro Cruiser, you will choose it for: its 200mm wheels / for stability on rough terrain and to ride more distance, for the cruiser handlebars / more comfortable and adjustable, for the over-drilled plate / for easy grip and skating comfort, for the kickstand / easy parking, for the folding system / easy transport and storage.

Cruiser scooters for kids – the details that make the difference.

At Micro, the scooter has been a real priest since 1999 (19 years already?! Yes!). So to meet the expectations of children ages 7-12 (even as young as 5 … the age groups are indications), Micro has come up with the Cruiser. The tray is shorter, 29 cm. Handlebar height is a maximum of 84 cm, compared to about 100 cm for adult models. With their big wheels, the Cruiser scooter can make your child feel like doing “like the big boys” 😉 . The cruiser also offers Micro’s high quality standards with Aluminimum structure, ultra-resistant PU wheels, Micro folding system.


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