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Esla scooters

If you are looking for a scooter that is suitable for use in healthcare institutions or hospitals, choose an Esla scooter. These scooters are frequently used in buildings. The advantage of these scooters is that they contain wheels that do not stain and do not leave streaks. Esla scooters are known for their superior quality with the aim of moving within buildings in an easy and safe way.

Buying an Esla scooter at KickbikeOnline

At KickbikeOnline you are always sure that you get a good Esla scooters. We always give a full warranty on all scooters sold and you will always receive good service. Before, during and after the purchase. You also get 14 days to change your mind, so if the scooter is not suitable for whatever reason, you can always return it free of charge. Do you have questions? Then please contact our customer service.