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Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Company scooters for healthcare institutions and hospitals

When you work in buildings such as healthcare institutions or hospitals, you will often have to travel long distances. This can be done on foot, but it is much faster and more efficient by using a company scooter. With a company scooter you can easily move through large buildings. The advantage of these steps is that they have special gray tires so that you do not leave any stripes on the floor. The brand Esla is very well known among the company scooters. These steps are frequently used in (care) institutions and hospitals. At KickbikeOnline we have two Esla models in stock. First of all, the Esla Scooter 4100 which is a very popular model. It is designed for mobility in companies and institutions. It is a very sturdy scooter that is standard equipped with a basket and that for a price of only € 369, – which is very reasonable. Comparable is the Esla Scooter 4102. This one is slightly cheaper, but the difference is that it is not equipped with a basket as standard. However, this separate is for sale.

A company scooter for factory halls

A company scooter is also often indispensable in factory halls. Sometimes halls are very large and you often have to go from one side to the other. A step can then be a good outcome. The difference with scooters for institutions and hospitals compared to scooters for factory halls is that for scooters intended for factory halls it does not matter what kind of tires it has. The choice then becomes larger with, among other things, steps from the brand Yedoo. This brand has various steps that are suitable for moving yourself in large halls. For example, consider the Yedoo New Mau or the Yedoo New City. Both models are perfect for use in large halls.

Buying a company scooter at KickbikeOnline

At KickbikeOnline you are always sure that you get a good company scooter. We always give a full warranty on all scooters sold and you will always receive good service. Before, during and after the purchase. You also get 14 days to change your mind, so if the scooter is not suitable for whatever reason, you can always return it free of charge. Do you have questions? Then please contact our customer service.