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Showing 1–12 of 22 results

Folding scooters

A folding scooter is, as the name suggests, a scooter that is foldable. This makes these scooters very easy to take with you in the car or caravan and you can also easily store them after scootering. A folding scooter is suitable for all ages, both children and adults can use it very well.

What is special about a folding scooter?

There are a lot of different scooters, most of which are not foldable. As a result, they take up more space when you store them in the shed or garage or when you want to take them on holiday in the car or caravan. The advantage of a folding scooter is therefore very simple; you can fold it after scootering and easily store or transport it. We have folding scooters from brands such as Kickbike, Mibo, Boardy and JD Bug.

Folding scooter for adults

Scootering is also the ideal way for adults to burn calories. It remains an intensive but also very entertaining way of moving. Our folding scooters have different sizes and the size of the wheels also differs per scooter. A very popular scooter is the Kickbike Clix, of course there are reasons for this. Firstly, Kickbike is a very reliable brand and of course this is also a very good scooter that is easily foldable. The wheels of this scooter are 16 inches, but despite the relatively compact size you can still use it quickly. The Mibo GT Split should of course not be missing from this list. This is perhaps the folding scooter of the moment. This scooter has a large front wheel that allows you to step very quickly and as the name reveals, it is foldable, hence the name ‘Split’.

Buying a folding scooter at KickbikeOnline

When you buy a folding scooter, you want certainty, warranty and service. At KickbikeOnline this is self-evident. If you order before 4 p.m., you can enjoy your new scooter the next day and you also get 14 days to change your mind. If you do not like your scooter, you can return it free of charge. In addition, you pay no shipping costs from 150 euros. Do you have questions? Then contact our customer service quickly.