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Kickbike scooter

Kickbike is the brand for long rides on the scooter. The great thing about a Kickbike scooter is that anyone can use it. If you are already familiar with scooters, it is time to look at the different brands and the corresponding prices. There are countless scooters on the market and there are also different models from the Kickbike brand. This is one of the top brands in the field of scooters. More and more people want to buy a Kickbike scooter and there are reasons for this. These scooters are very suitable for the real sports enthusiasts, but also for the recreational enthusiasts. Everyone is crazy about the Kickbike brand. Why is this and why should you choose a Kickbike scooter instead of another brand?

All the benefits of a Kickbike scooter

If you want to go scootering, especially for long distances, it is of course nice if you can ride a reliable and solid scooter. A scooter of which you can be sure that it is made of high-quality material. It goes without saying that this is the case with Kickbike. The frame of a Kickbike is made of high-quality aluminum and iron and can easily withstand the blows during scootering in the woods or on the road surface. Scootering on rough terrain is therefore no problem for the Kickbike. The large front wheel of the scooters ensures that they drive extremely well on any type of road surface, which ensures optimal driving comfort. The footboard of the Kickbikes is made of stainless steel, which ensures that it is almost impossible to break. In short, the Kickbike is an ideal scooter to use, both for the novice and advanced scootering.

Buying a Kickbike scooter at KickbikeOnline

We can therefore say that people who buy a Kickbike choose pure quality. You can buy different Kickbikes from us. Very popular is the Kickbike Sport G4. This is the most sold sports model and for good reason. This scooter is very strong, beautiful and also very fast. If you want a tough and eye-catching scooter that is ideal for ‘downhill’ scootering, go for the Kickbike Fatmax.

Free bicycle pump

One of Kickbike’s unique selling points is that this brand gives a free bicycle pump as a gift. This comes standard in the box. Kickbike is unique in this because no other brand does this.