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Showing 1–12 of 30 results

Why a sport scooter?

With a sport scooter you can step very quickly, as the name suggests. If you are crazy about adventure and want to step quickly on the roads, a sport scooter is extremely suitable. They are made for the advanced stepper who is not afraid of high speed while stepping. All KickbikeOnline sport scooters are very well equipped, so they can take a beating. So if you are looking for a sturdy scooter and you also want to step quickly, buy a sport scooter!

Which sport scooter should I choose?

At Stepsonline we have various steps in stock from which you can choose. This makes choosing a suitable step more difficult. For the real ‘sport stepper’, the Mibo Revoo 28/28 is the perfect step for fast stepping. This is because this scooter is very light, making it easy to achieve high speeds. This scooter also has large wheels both front and rear. This, together with its elegant appearance, makes it a real sport scooter. Also very popular is the Yedoo Wolfer. The strong aluminum frame, the right dimensions and the perfect aerodynamics ensure that you can literally tear across the asphalt with this scooter. Finally, the Kickbike Race Max 28/28 is worth mentioning. An exclusive scooter intended for those who want to work on their condition while scootering.

Buying a sports scooter at KickbikeOnline

When you buy a scooter from us, you get security, warranty and service. Ordered before 4 p.m. means that you can start scootering the next day and you also get 14 days to change your mind. If, for whatever reason, you do not like the scooter, you can return it free of charge. Finally, you also pay no shipping costs for orders from 150 euros. If you have any questions about one of our scooters, please contact the KickbikeOnline customer service.