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The best touring scooters for longer distances

In our offer you will find the best quality of scooters with which you can tour and thus cover long distances. Scooters are very popular these days alongside bicycles. Also, it gets you moving because you stand and your whole body moves with you while riding. So scootering is also good for fitness and muscle building.

Kickbike City 4G

Want to take the scooter and go everywhere? Choose the Kickbike city 4G. This comfortable scooter will get you everywhere. The scooter is suitable for both recreational and urban use. The wheels are stable for both asphalt roads, stones and nature trails through the forest. A little sand the scooter can handle and even with that it remains stable. This scooter provides a complete workout for your legs and is already a fitness device in itself to use with a convenient carry basket on the front.

Kickbike city - white

Kickbike Cruiser Max Scooter

The kickbike cruiser max is also a wonderful scooter that is good for leg and buttock muscles. But this scooter is also for relaxed scooting. The construction of the scooter allows for a bit of lay-back and riding out long after setting off with the feet. The frame and fork are aluminum and very sturdy and lightweight. The sturdy balloon tires provide a stable road and ride comfort.


The Kickbike Race Max Scooter

For the real sportsman we have a real racing scooter in our offer. This scooter that is equivalent to a road bike provides a lot of riding fun. The Kickbike Race Max 28/28 features a strong aluminum frame with strong front fork that remains undamaged in the event of a crash. The handlebars are adjustable to the desired height and the bar is ergonomic.

The bottom is adjustable in every inch and the brakes are Caliper Side-Pull. Persons up to 120kg can use this scooter. This scooter is a true sporty eye-catcher. This beautiful white bike scooter is unique and there are no others of its kind. Also, the circulation of these scooters is limited.


The Mibo GT

The very special Mibo Gran Turismo scooter is a beautifully unique specimen from our range. A true sports scooter with high-profile design. This scooter is a real speed demon for getting ahead hard. You can buy the scooter in beautiful sporty colors like petrol blue, poison green and bright yellow. A real trendsetter among scooters, then.

The wheels have double rims. The front wheel is 28 inches and the rear wheel is 20 inches. The brakes and brake grips are from the good Shimano brand, and the wheels and rims are from Provi Novatec. The handlebar is adjustable to body height, so it is always adjustable for optimal comfort. The scooter, like all scooters, has integrated stands. Mudguards are optional to order. People with body weight up to 150 kg can use this sturdy scooter.


Mibo Malaga Scooter

The Mibo Malaga is also a wonderful special touring scooter especially for tall people. The scooter has a high comfort level and rides lightly and smoothly. A characteristic of all Mibo scooters is that they are handmade in the Czech Republic. This scooter is also available in common and trendy colors such as orange, blue, yellow and black. Both Mibo scooters are optimal for touring from comfort to sporty speed. At longer distances they are as comfortable as at short distances.

Mibo Malaga

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