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The Scooter Guide

Scooters are increasingly popular. Not only children, but also adults are increasingly choosing the scooter. Scooters can be used for a variety of purposes and offer many benefits. Burning calories, improving your fitness or just casual exercise, it can all be done with a scooter. Scootering is an excellent supplement or even replacement for running and cycling.
We at Kickbikeonline offer a wide range of scooters for adults. There are different models, each with its own specific characteristics. Depending on the activity, a particular type of scooter is chosen. So it is important to have a clear idea of what the scooter will be used for.

A touring scooter for your leisure time.

Scooters are divided into five categories. First, there are tour scooters for recreational use. Consider rides around town or in nature. These are stable and safe scooters. These scooters can be perfectly used to take a lap with friends or to improve your fitness. Are you not a practiced athlete but still want to lose weight? Even then, the touring scooter is the right option. This scooter puts almost no strain on the ligaments, so injuries hardly ever occur.

Race scooters for an intense workout

For sporting purposes, there are the racing scooters. These scooters are lighter and faster than touring scooters. The tires are also thinner and the footboard is a bit lower, giving you more speed. We recommend this type of scooter for the trained athlete. Scootering is the ideal endurance sport, the new running. Scootering is also recommended for recovery from knee and other injuries. The choice in racing scooters is increasing due to the growing popularity of scootering. All the major brands, think Kickbike and Mibo, are investing in race scooters. The race scooters are now also foldable so you can easily take them on the move for a long workout.

The cross-scooter can handle any terrain

We recommend the cross-scooter for alternative fitness training in forests or uneven terrain. The cross-scooter is a scooter with suspension, sturdy construction and studded tires, suitable for any surface. This scooter is ets heavier and therefore good for your leg and buttock muscles. Physical therapists recommend this type of workout to make your knees stronger.

Even your dog can scoot!

Not a fan of all that intense sports and prefer to spend time with your dog? Then choose the dog scooter. The dog scooters come with the so-called “walky dog,” a type of leash that you can easily clip onto the scooter. Walking with your dog is often too slow, and bicycling, in turn, is just too fast and dangerous. Scootering is the solution. Veterinarians also recommend scootering with your dog. In fact, it calms a stressed dog. Your dog also consumes a tremendous amount of energy, so scootering has a positive impact on the weight and fitness of both.

Take your scooter anywhere

Finally, we also have the easy-to-fold folding scooters. Compact, ultralight scooters often used for commuting. Extremely convenient to cover the distance between your home and the train station. You can take them on the train for free and also save on parking fees and gasoline.

Buy the scooter that suits you now

At Kickbikeonline, we have something for everyone. Contact us now to see together which scooter you are looking for. Do you want to lose weight? Improve your fitness or walk your dog? With the right scooter from, it’s all possible!

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