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Xootr’s 1 second Quick click® adult scooter fold up

Xootr innovates on folding scooters

Since its inception in the 2000s, all Xootr scooter(s) have folded with a simple and reliable mechanism: a hinge and an ingenious pin to hold the scooter in place when in motion or at rest. Gone are the button-plus clamping systems, gone are the quick clamps that once locked and well the rest! Xootr stands out from all other adult scooters by its design, which offers a unique look that is easily recognizable. After years of good and faithful service, the pin lock has been replaced by the Qucik Click: from now on you can fold your scooter in 1 second, without even touching the machine!

The Quick Click® folding system for the Xootr adult scooter: just one button!

Well, now you only need one button to unfold and collapse your Xootr urban scooter. How can we really benefit from this system? Well, it’s very simple: take the scooter by the handlebars with both hands, press the front brake lever to block the wheel, press the button with your foot (located under the folding axle) … you feel that it drops a few mm and the blocking is lifted, guide the opening of the plate to the ground.

Now the Quick Click® folding system for Xootr scooters for adults: always the same button!

You arrive at your destination, need to hop on the bus or subway, fold quickly! While keeping a light pressure on the brake lever, press the black Quick click® locking button which is depressed a few mm … immediately the plate begins to fold in … … just follow until it is fully locked ! … is that all? … yes, it is that simple !

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